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Everything we make is handmade and sourced from the UK



Bamboo yarn is a naturally anti-bacterial fibre that’s inherently cooling and extremely soft.


Polyester is a hypoallergenic material that has excellent recovery and is very durable.


Silk is best known for its smoothness. It’s a premium-quality natural fibre used in the production of our most luxurious mattresses.


Wool is a great insulator, ideal for keeping your warm in winter.


Cotton is a soft fibre with terrific recovery. It readily absorbs moisture, making it perfect for warmer weather.


Cashmere, like wool, is exceptionally breathable, maintaining the perfect environment for sleep. It’s a top-quality material used in the manufacture of our most impressive mattresses.

British Memory Foam

The whole world now knows how good British memory foam is, but we've been using it for years.

Best of British

We try to use British products wherever possible, and where we cannot use a British product, we use a British company to source it.


Pocket Springs

Pocket springs are encapsulated inside fabric pockets, allowing each spring to move independently and delivering tailored support to the sleeper.

Open Coil

Open coil springs, or Bonnell springs, are the most traditional type of mattress coil. Laced together, they form a layer of round-topped, hourglass-shaped coils that uniformly support the body.


Bulldog Borders

Our Bulldog Borders are unique to British Bed Company mattresses. They reinforce the sides of the spring unit, preventing roll-off and keeping the sides of the mattress firm.


Used to ventilate the mattress, they encourage a consistent flow of air to evaporate excess moisture and curb the growth of bacteria and mould.


Regularly turning and rotating your mattress will keep it fresher and plumper for longer. That’s why we include handles on all of our mattresses.



Tufting is a long-standing, traditional method of securing the fillings. Tufts are applied by hand to both sides of the mattress. Attached by tapes, they prevent loose fillings from becoming dislodged and help the mattress to keep its shape.


Quilting involves stitching the fillings to the cover. This style of finish prolongs the lifespan of the mattress and produces a smoother, flatter surface.



Knitted fabrics have a stretchier, plumper feel in comparison to woven fabrics.


Polyester is a synthetic material used to manufacture soft yet hard-wearing mattress covers.


Viscose is a semi-synthetic material. It’s much finer than polyester, rendering a smoother, softer feel.


Cotton covers draw moisture away from the body for a cool, dry night’s sleep.


Woven fabrics have a smooth finish and are extra durable.

Time-Honoured Techniques

We make the most of modern technology, but we firmly believe in protecting the use of time-honoured techniques.

Our family-run business crafts bespoke mattresses, divans and ottomans by hand, using some of the finest locally sourced materials. We take great care manufacturing the best bedroom furniture that the UK has to offer, all skilfully handmade with British ingenuity and pride.

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